Auto Italia Day
Brooklands, UK

Another gathering of Italian cars took place at Brooklands in the summer. A great turnout saw many unusual vehicles making an appearance.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super
Alfas on the old banked track
Alfa Romeo 164
As always Brooklands provides an almost unique atmosphere with its old banking. Used for parking at this event it was full of Alfa Romeos, whilst some were also distributed amongst the aircraft ! Racecars mingled with roadcars, both of which saw action on the temporary track laid out on the runway.
Alfa Romeo 164 race car
Alfa Romeo GTV6 on the track
Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV
Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider
Classic Alfas featured in some numbers, whilst modern hybrids such as a V6 powered 145 were also present. Those wishing to spend money could choose between numerous offers, including a GTV needing TLC and a twin turbo GTV6 engine.
Alfa Romeo 8C2900
Alfa Romeo 145 with V6 engine transplant
Alfa Romeo GTV for sale
Alfa Romeo GTV6 twin-turbo engine for sale
Fiat Panda race car engine
More racetrack action saw a Panda with a surprising turn of speed, less surprising when the induction system was seen !
Fiat Panda race car
Fiat 126 short wheelbase cabriolet
Fiat 500 based race car
Fiat Punto with rather bizzare bodykit
The whackiest exhibit was a title fought for between several Fiats, including a short wheelbase 126 cabrio, a radical 500 based racecar, an OTT Punto, and a couple of alternatively liveried 500s. The 500 with matching trailer seemed almost normal by comparison.
Fiat 500 plus trailer
Fiat 500s
A nicely restored 128 racecar should be in action come next year, whilst more conventional but less common Fiats included a 500 Belvedere and a 2300 Coupe.
Fiat 128 race car
Fiat 500 Belvedere
Fiat 2300 Coupé
Fiat X1/9s
Several clubs turned out in force, including the X1/9 owners, seen here queuing to have a turn on the racetrack.
Prewar cars were in relatively short supply, with OM and Fiat joining the Alfa 2800 pictured further up.
Lamborghini Countach
Lancia 037
Lamborghini Miuras
Higher performance was provided by a variety of supercars and competition machinery, some of which completed spectacular runs up the old test hill. An unusual Maserati 3500 with an unknown body provided for some discussion.
Maserati 3500
Fiat Stilo & Alfa Romeo Arna
Fiat are hoping the Stilo will prove more successful than the Arna seen behind it, whilst it is not every day that one sees a Dino 246GT being pushed hard around a circuit.
Dino 246 GT

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