Fiat Concept Cars

This page gives details and pictures of some of the concept cars, prototypes and other one-offs produced by Fiat, or by other companies on the basis of Fiat cars, over the years.

City Car Concepts

NYCE Ecobasic

City Car (X1/23)

126 City






Modular Vehicle




Sports Concepts

Grama 2 Grama 2 (Punto Integrale)

Fiat Ritmo 125TC Coupé

Firepoint (Punto Coupé)

Runabout (X1/9 concept)

Barchetta Coupé

Monotipo (Barchetta Integrale coupe)

Fiat Bravo Zagato (Bravo Coupé)

2300S Coupé

Scia (Punto sports spider)

Other Concepts

Vuscia Vuscia (MPV)

132 concepts (various)

Rush (Off-road)

Maremma (Estate)

Opera (Saloon)

126 Cavalletta (Off-road)

FLAIR (Aerodynamics)

Armadillo (MPV)

128 Pulsar (Safety)

Dino Aerodinamica (Aerodynamics)

Teenager (Beach car)

128 Coupè (space optimisation)

Grigua (micro-MPV)

5terre (4x4 MPV)

Gipsy (beach car)

Punto (series 1) based cars - a series of concepts by Bertone, Boneschi, Coggiola, Giannini, Idea, Italdesign, Maggiora, Pininfarina and Zagato.

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