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Lancia 037 on the Safari Rally The Lancia 037 or 'Rally' was developed to superscede the Fiat 131 in world rallying, and followed in the footsteps of the Lancia Stratos in being a purpose built rally car.  The main central body of the chassis was taken from the Beta Montecarlo, but new tubular subframes were added at both the front and the rear, onto which the suspension was mounted. The suspension itself consisted of double wishbones on all four corners, with several pick-up points to allow adjustment, and was designed by Gianpaolo Dallara. The bodywork, constructed of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, was designed and built by Pininfarina.

The powerplant was derived from that of the Trevi, 1995cc with cast iron block and four cylinders, but that was about all which remained the same. The cylinder head was light alloy, with four valves per cylinder. The engine was supercharged with a Roots type compressor and was initially fitted with Weber carburettors. In 1982 this produced around 270bhp, the supercharger providing an exceptionally flat torque curve.

Lancia 037 Stradale The design of the 037 was started in July 1980, and amazingly the first prototype 037 emerged in December of that year. It underwent significant development during 1981 (the Pininfarina wind tunnel, the Pirelli track at Vizzola, testing of turbocharged version, testing of road version) and was homologated on 1st April 1982.

Development continued apace, and on 1st August that same year, the 'Evo 1' was homologated. This incorporated a Kugelfischer fuel injection system (giving a power output of around 310bhp), different rear lights and a lighter body.

1983 saw work concentrating on the further reduction of the weight of the car, which included the adoption of a titanium rollcage and a kevlar bonnet. Some suspension modifications were also made as the season progressed. January 1984 saw the homologation of the final 'Evo 2' with a larger 2110cc engine, water-injection and a higher capacity supercharger, the power going up to around 325bhp. Some further bodywork modifications were also homologated at this time.

The road-going 037 had an official top speed of 220km/h, would reach 100km/h in 7 seconds and took 27.4 seconds to cover the standing kilometer.

The main aim of the 037, however, was competition, and it made it's debut on the 1982 Tour de Corse, where it took ninth place with Alen at the wheel. The Audis continued to dominate that year, but it took the manufacturers title in 1983 and second place in 1984. By that time, the rear wheel drive layout had been surpassed by the 'new' four wheel drive cars, and it was time for Lancia to bring out the Delta S4.

Lancia Rally / 037 on the 1983 San Remo Rally
Lancia Rally / 037 cockpit

Technical Details
Driveline longitudinal engine at centre/rear with rear wheel drive
Engine 1997cc (84x90mm) dohc 16v four cylinder supercharged with 205bhp @ 7,000rpm
Suspension  front : double wishbone with telescopic dampers and coil springs
rear : double wishbone with twin telescopic dampers and coil springs
wheelbase : 2440mm
track (front / rear) : 1508mm / 1490mm
Brakes front : discs, ventilated, diameter 300mm
rear : discs, ventilated, diameter 300mm
Mechanical handbrake on rear wheels
Gearbox 5 speed manual (ZF) with limited slip differential
Weight 1170kg (42.7% front, 57.3% rear)
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Lancia 037The 037 is one of my most favourite racing cars of all time.  In my estimation it is among the most basically ugly/beautiful and functional looking rally cars ever.  This is what rally cars should look like today.  It kick started my love affair with rallying and  motorsport in general.  I owe it a debt of gratitude. (Robert, Ireland)

Probabily, the most beatiful car that Lancia ever built. Even without the greater technology and efficience of the Delta S4, or the innovation of the mitic Stratos, 037 Rally has a wonderful design. It prooved through time that it was too sofisticated for his time. One of my favourites. (Pedro M, Portugal)

Maybe the most beautiful car i ever seen.I wish Lancia start to make again cars like this and Stratos.One of my dreams is to see Lancia like the past years:"QUEEN OF THE RALLYES"(Nikos K.Greece)

Having had the pleasure to see the 037 in action in the New Zealand world championship rally rounds it is still my choise of car in those wonderfull times of Group B. The elegance and engineering of the 037 is a fond memory which i shall always cherish. (Adriaan V, New Zealand)

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