Lancia Concepts

This page gives details and pictures of some of the concept cars, prototypes and other one-offs produced by Lancia, or by other companies on the basis of Lancia cars, over the years.

Gamma Olgiata Pininfarina Concepts

Hit (1988)

Gamma Scala (1980)

Gamma Olgiata (1982)

Gamma Spider (1982)

Florida II (1982)

PF2000 (1953)

Lancia Concepts

Dialogos (1998)

Nea (2000)

Fulvia Coupé (2003)

Delta HPE (2006)

ITAL Design Concepts

Megagamma (1978)

Medusa (1980)

Bertone Concepts

Stratos (1970)

Sibilo (1978)


Zagato Concepts

Hyena (1993)

Fulvia Spider (1968)

Flavia Coupe (1967)

Thema Station Wagon (1985)

Magia Other Concepts

Magia (1992)

Ionos (1997)

Loraymo (1960)

Mizar (1974)

Fulvia Coupé (1969)

Marica (1969)

Gazzella (1986)

At the Paris Motorshow 2002 there was the Granturismo concept car, developed jointly by Lancia, Carcerano and Maggiora, and a couple of models of the New York and Triagmos.

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