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Alfa Romeo 2600 (Berlina)The 2600 was introduced in March 1962 at the Geneva Motorshow to replace the 2000. It used the chassis of the latter (with some modifications, for example the adoption of disc brakes at the front) whilst the exterior designs were changed slightly. The berlina is recogniseable by the addition of two headlights in the front grille and by the reduction of the rear fins on the wings. The Spider gained quaterlights whilst the Sprint gained a bonnet duct.

The engine was the biggest change, though. A new six cylinder in line 2584cc engine was fitted, with 130bhp in the berlina and 145bhp in the Spider and Sprint. This was derived from the Giulietta engine, with a reduced bore and stroke and an additional two Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider (with a hard-top)cylinders. Like the Giulietta unit, the block was light alloy and used wet liners.

The five speed gearbox continued, as did the column shift and front bench seat in the berlina until 1965. The Sprint and Spider used a floor mounted shift.

Two other models worth mentioning were the Sprint Zagato, a two door coupe, of which 105 were built (between 1965 and 67), and the 2600 De Luxe, a berlina looking slightly similar to the Sprint, but with four doors and only two headlights, by OSI, who made 54 (in 1965 and 66).

Production continued until 1969 by which time the following numbers had been produced. There was no such large saloon to replace the 2600 until the Alfa 6 appeared in 1979.
2600 Berlina :  2,038
2600 Spider : 2,255
2600 Sprint :  6,999

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Technical Details
Driveline longitudinal engine at front with rear wheel drive
Engine 2584cc (83x79.6mm) dohc straight six with 130bhp @ 5,900rpm (comp ratio 8.5:1)
Sprint & Spider : 145bhp @ 5,900rpm (comp ratio 9:1)
Suspension front : double wishbone with telescopic dampers and coil springs plus anti-roll bar
rear : solid axle with upper trianguler links, telescopic dampers and coil springs
wheelbase : 2720mm (Berlina); 2580mm (Sprint); 2500mm (Spider)
track (front/rear): 1400mm/1370mm
Brakes front : discs
rear : drums, later discs
servo assistance on later cars
Gearbox 5 speed manual
Kerb weight Berlina : 1380kg
Spider :  1220kg (56% front / 44% rear)
Sprint : 1280kg

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Alfa Romeo 2600 SpiderPerformance
model max speed 0-60mph standing ¼ mile
2600 Spider 124 mph 11.1 sec 17.6 sec


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Model No. Details Engine No. Variants
106.00 2600, berlina, 2584cc, from 1962 AR00600 106.07 rhd
106.02 2600 Sprint, coupe, 2584cc, from 1962 AR00601 106.09 rhd
106.01 2600 Spider, 2584cc, from 1962 AR00601
106.12 2600 SZ, coupe by Zagato, 2584cc, from 1965 AR00612
106.16 2600 De Luxe, berlina by OSI, 2584cc, from 1965 AR00600 from 1966 with engine AR00601

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Mine is a 1964 2600 Spider of which I have been the third owner since 1979. I drive it almost every week but it still holds its own in Concours appearances. I find it delightful to drive, very smooth and has enough power and speed to be exciting. It has a Sprint exhaust system which is just loud enough and sounds just right. The four wheel disc brakes are excellent. I have surprised many other Alfa drivers with its handling and road manners. It is not for sale! (John M, USA)

I own a right hand drive 64 sprint which I have driven almost daily for three years, through choice rather than necessity. I have several moderns (including other Alfas)to choose from with my job but I always choose the sprint to drive home as it never fails to give myself and other car enthusiasts pleasure to drive,look at and talk about. Sure It's heavy to steer at parking speed, but if you've driven other early sixties cars (remembering that this is just new cloths on a 1950 chassis)including Rover,Ferrari,Jaguar and Maserati they are no different. If you keep them in good mechanical condition (steering joints,bushes and shock absorbers in particular)they seem to be smooth handling and dependable(so far). Like most people I have fond memories from my childhood and one of these is seeing the local judge driving this beautiful car which always made my father twist his neck to look at.He told me it was an Alfa Romeo which was quite rare and special in those days, and this car was even rarer as it was a 2600. I wish he could see mine now. (GRM, Australia)

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