Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione The definitive version of the Alfa 8C Competizione made its debut at the Paris motorshow, 2006. Designed by Alfa Romeo, it is directly derived from the concept car that was shown at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show and takes advantage of the In-house Ferrari-Maserati expertise.

The beautiful shape created by the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile aimed to recreate the original concept with as little compromise due to the aerodynamic and performance demands as possible. Overall form and detailing resulted In a low drag coefficient and downforce at speed. Styling cues are taken from many historical cars, including the 33 Stradale and the Giulia TZ with a new Interprtation of the classic grille at the front. The name harks back to the classic 8C cars of the 1930's.

The engine is a brand new 90° V8 unit with a total capacity of 4691cc, designed to ensure exceptional performance while still offering Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione a smooth drive and being usable in all circumstances. Derived from the Maserati Coupe / Ferrari F430 unit, it produces a maximum power output of 450 bhp at 7000 rpm, a peak torque of 470 Nm at 4750 rpm and red-lines at 7500 rpm. Optimisation of the intake and exhaust geometry, the use of continuously variable valve timing on the intake camshafts, careful design of the combustion chamber and special engine calibration means that 80% of torque is available from 2000 rpm. A fully-balanced crankshaft with counterweights at 90° runs in the aluminium engine block and base assembly with 5 main bearings. The four chain-driven camshafts also run In aluminium cylinder heads and a low inertia twin-plate flywheel is fitted.

The classic Alfa Romeo layout of longitudinal front engine with the gearbox combined in the rear transaxle Is used, ensuring the weight distribution is optimal for vehicle handling. Due to the small engine size and careful integration of components, the entire power unit is housed well back. The 6–speed gearbox with electronic selection by means of levers behind the steering wheel is designed to ensure ultra-slick gear shifts and may be used in Manual-Normal; Manual-Sport; Automatic-Normal; Automatic-Sport and Ice modes. The self-locking differential guarantees the best possible traction in all conditions.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione The suspension uses a double wishbone layout, forged aluminium axle carrier and arms and an extra strut for toe-in control. The braking system offers drilled, ventilated discs with aluminium callipers. In terms of rubber, it is fitted with specially developd 20” tyres, 245/35 at the front and 285/35 at the rear, fitted on light rims designed to provide maximum brake ventilation efficiency. To ensure the car is entertaining and safe in any driving condition, the 8C Competizione comes with the latest Alfa Romeo VDC, an advanced stability and traction control system.

A rigid, light structure is the basis behind the 8C Competizione. It features a compact frame in steel to achieve the greatest possible torsional rigidity to ensure an accurate, safe drive at all times while the body is in carbon fibre. This minimises the weight while also optimising the car’s centre of gravity for better agility and handling.

Inside, the 8C Competizione features extensive use of composite materials on the facia and interior panels, whilst the anatomical seats are also made out of carbon fibre.

The 2008 Geneva Motorshow saw the launch of the 8C Spider. An open-topped derivative of the coupe, 500 of the 8C Spider will be built. Obviously the main difference with the coupe is the lack of a fixed roof, the Spider using a double-skinned fabric roof with electro-hydraulic opening and closing.

See a video of the 8C Competizione here (3.4MB). Various detail images of the engine, drivetrain and suspension and various studio images of the car.

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

Technical Details
Driveline longitudinal engine in front with rear wheel drive
Engine 4591cc 90deg 32V V8 dohc with 450bhp @ 7,000rpm
Suspension  front : double wishbone with coil springs and telescopic dampers plus anti-roll bar
rear : double wishbone with coil springs and telescopic dampers plus anti-roll bar
Brakes front : ventilated discs
rear : ventilated discs
dual hydraulic circuit
handbrake on rear wheels
Gearbox 6 speed semi-automatic gearbox
Steering rack and pinion with power assistance

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