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Mondial 8
Mondial 8 Quattrovalvole and Cabriolet
Mondial 3.2 and 3.2 Cabriolet
Mondial t and t Cabriolet


Mondial 8

The Geneva Motorshow of 1980 was the venue chosen to reveal the new 2+2 Ferrari to replace the 308GT4. The Mondial 8 was closely related mechanically to the 308 models, but used a longer and wider version of the chassis. The engine was the same 2927cc quad-cam V8 mounted transversely behind the (now four) seats, fitted with fuel injection and fully emissionised and producing (only!) 214bhp (205bhp in the US). The design was again by Pininfarina, but failed to find the praise of its two seat relatives.

A total of 703 cars were produced until 1982.

Technical Details
Engine 2927cc (81x71mm) V8 dohc (per bank) with 214bhp @ 6,600rpm
Suspension front : double wishbones with coil springs
rear : double wishbones with coil springs
wheelbase : 2650mm
track (front/rear) : 1495mm/1517mm
Brakes ventilated discs all round with servo assistance
Transmission 5 speed manual
Empty weight 1,445kg

Mondial 8 Quattrovalvole and Cabriolet

In 1982 the Mondial 8 received the new four-valve cylinder heads with a noticeable hike in power (up to 240bhp). At the same time a minor facelift of the cockpit was carried out. One year later a convertible was introduced. The Mondial Cabriolet used the quattrovalvole engine whilst still providing a 2+2 seating arrangement. The folding roof was specially designed to appear similar to the fixed top when it was erected, including having the rear butresses.

A total of 1,144 Mondial 8 QVs and 629 Cabriolets were produced until they were supersceded in 1985.

Technical Details as for Mondial 8 except :
Engine 2927cc (81x71mm) V8 32V dohc (per bank) with 240bhp @ 7,000rpm
Empty weight Cabriolet : 1,490kg

Mondial 3.2 and 3.2 Cabriolet

Ferrari Mondial 3.2 cockpit  (car by Talacrest - see 'Links') Following the lead of the 308/328 models, in 1985 the Mondial received the larger 3185cc engine. Various other minor changes were made, both inside and out, such as the colour coding of the front and rear valances and the adoption of a 328 style grille and lights. Production ran until 1989.

Technical Details as for Mondial QV except :
Engine 3185cc (83x73.6mm) V8 32V dohc (per bank) with 270bhp @ 7,000rpm
Suspension  track (front/rear) : 1520mm/1510mm
Empty weight coupe : 1,410kg
cabrio : 1,400kg
Performance acceleration : 0-100km/h in 7.0s ; standing km in 26.9s ; 70-100km/h in 5th in 6.7s
braking from 100km/h in 38.9m

Mondial t and t Cabriolet

Ferrari Mondial t 3.4 CabrioletThe Mondial t, introduced in 1989, combined the old Mondial with the new 348. The old chassis and bodystyle were essentially carried over (albeit with many smaller modifications and a facelift) whilst the new 300bhp 3405cc V8 engine was mounted longitudinally as in the new 348. The 't' indicated the transversely mounted transmission. Technology also became more apparent with ABS, power steering and electronically adjustable suspension, the latter with three selectable settings.

Internally the cockpit received numerous changes (including folding rear seats to improve luggage space) whilst most recogniseable was the redesign of the rear air intakes to a smaller, neater rectangular shape. The bumpers and door-handles became body coloured whilst a painted black band was added around the bottom of the body.

Production ceased in 1993.

Technical Details
Engine 3405cc (85x75mm) V8 32V dohc (per bank) with 300bhp @ 7,200rpm
Suspension  electronically adjustable with three settings
track (front/rear) : 1522mm/1560mm
wheels & tyres : front 7J16 with 205/55 ZR16, rear 8J 16 with 225/55 ZR16
Brakes ventilated discs all round with servo assistance and ABS
Empty weight coupe : 1,426kg (front/rear : 42%/58%)
cabrio : 1,468kg
Performance acceleration : 0-100km/h in 6.3s ; standing km in 25.7s ; 70-100km/h in 5th in 7.4s
braking from 100km/h in 39.0m

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