Museo dell'Automobile
"Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia"

A gallery of images from the biggest car museum in Italy, the 'Museo dell'Automobile "Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia" ' at Turin.
With dozens of (mainly) Italian cars, this museum is a must for all Italian car enthusiasts.

An overview of the museum
An overview of the museum
OM469N (1922)
The museum is housed in an impressive, purpose-built building. Cars vary from the 1922 OM 469N (left) to a couple of recent Ferrari F1 cars (below left), via the unusually designed Legnano 6/8 HP of 1908 (below).
Formula One Ferrari cars
Legnano 6/8 (1908)
Fiat 130 Grand Prix (1907)
Lancia D24 (1953)
Cars from motorsport continue with a 1907 Fiat 130 Grand Prix (above) and a 1953 Lancia D24 from the Carrera Panamerica (above right). A Lambda chassis (right) shows the ground-breaking technology employed, whilst a tiny Temperino 8/10HP (below) from 1920 was one of the first microcars. A Fiat 8HP (below right) from 1901 is one of the oldest cars.
Lancia Lambda chassis
Temperino 8/10 HP (1920)
Fiat 8HP (1901)
Cisitalia 202S MM Spider Nuvolari
Itala 35/45 (1907)
The beautiful Cisitalia 202S MM (above) has some aerodynamic similarities to the advanced Fiat Turbina (right). More unusual are the running boards on the Itala 35/45 HP (above right) from 1907, the car which completed the Paris-Peking rally of that year, and the rear of the 1926 Alfa Romeo RLSS (below right), obviously inspired by a boat.
Fiat Turbina
OM 469 S2 (1929)
Alfa Romeo RLSS (1926)
Lancia Augusta (1932)
A variety of inter-war saloon include the 1929 OM 469 S2 (above left) and the 1932 Lancia Augusta (left).

See also the pre-war cars, the the inter-war cars and the postwar and sports cars galleries.

See also the official website of the museum.
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