Museo dell'Automobile
"Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia"

A selection of the Italian postwar and sports cars in the museum.

Alfa Romeo P2
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 ti
 A variety of Alfa Romeo competition cars were displayed, ranging from the P2 (above) to the 155 V6 ti (above right). In between came the Disco Volante (right) and the 33 TT12 (below).
Alfa Romeo Disco Volante (1952)
Alfa Romeo 33 TT12 (1975)
Fiat 501S (1921)
Fiat S57/14B (1914)
Fiats were well represented, including a S57/14B from 1914 (left) and a 501S from 1921 (above). Other manufacturers included a Maserati 26B from 1928 (below left) and a rare Itala Mod II from 1925 (below).
Maserati 26B (1928)
Itala Mod II (1925)

Postwar cars
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint buck
 One of the classic Alfa Romeo's, the Giulietta Sprint (above) was displayed alongside a wooden buck (above right). The bigger 2600 Spider (right) was also shown.
Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider
Fiat 1900B Gran Luce
Fiat 1100 (1948)
Lancia Ardea and Aprilia
Other mainstream manufacturers products included a Fiat 1100 chassis (above) and a 1900B Gran Luce (above left) and a variety of Lancia cars, including an Ardea and Aprilia (left), an Aurelia B20 Coupé (below left) and a Flaminia Presidenziale (below).
Lancia Aurelia B20
Lancia Flaminia Presidenziale (1960)
The best comes last, the beautiful Cisitalia 202.
Cisitalia 202

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