Museo dell'Automobile
"Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia"

A selection of interwar Italian cars at the museum.

Alfa Romeo 6C1500 SS
Alfa Romeo 8C2300 (1934)
Itala 61 (1928)
One of the most memorable exhibits was the stunning Alfa Romeo 8C2300 from 1934 (above). An Alfa Romeo 6C1500SS chassis (above left) was also shown. An Itala 61 from 1928 (left) and an Ansaldo 4A from 1920 (below left and below) were among the less well known manufacturers displayed.

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Ansaldo 4A (1920)
Ansaldo 4A (1920)
Chiribiri Monza (1924)
Diatto 30 (1925)
 The less well-known continued with a Chiribiri Monza from 1924 (above), a Diatto 30 from 1925 (above right), a SPA 23S from 1922 (right) and a SCAT -Ceirano 150S from 1926 (below). The Lancia Lambda from 1928 (below right) was amongst the best known.

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SPA 23S (1922)
SCAT-Ceirano 150S (1926)
Lancia Lambda (1928)
Alfa Romeo 1750T (1929)
Fiat 501 (1923)
Isotta Fraschini 8A (1929)
One of the most impressionable exhibits was the Isotta Fraschini 8A from 1929 (left), a huge and imposing vehicle. Another Alfa Romeo, a 1750T from 1929 (above left) wa joined by a series of Fiats including a 501 from 1923 (above), a 520 from 1928 (below left) and a 509A from 1929 (below).

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Fiat 520 (1928)
Fiat 509A (1929)

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