Mille Miglia 2002

May 2nd to 5th 2002

Cars from Italy followed the event all four days.

We have over 900 images from the event: if you were a competitor (in an Italian car), send us an e-mail, if we have a picture (or more) of you we will send you a copy electronically.

There are the following picture galleries from the event :

Thursday 2nd May :
Scrutineering at Brescia.

The 2002 Mille Miglia

Thursday 2nd May
The start at Brescia

Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th :
pictures from en route
Open Alfa Romeos
Closed Alfa Romeos
Open Ferraris
Closed Ferraris
Stanga, Stanguellini, Ermini, Moretti & Bandini
OM, OSCA & Siata
AMP, Pagani, Nardi Danese & Abarth

Saturday 4th :
The finish at Brescia

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The Italian cars entered were :

Abarth (1)
Alfa Romeo (40)
Bandini (2)
Cisitalia (10)
Conrero Alfa (1)
Ermini (2)
Ferrari (38)
Fiat (23)
Fiat Colli (1)
Gilco (1)
Lancia (23)
Maserati (17)
Moretti (1)
Nardi Danese (2)
OM (5)
OSCA (12)
Pagani Lancia (1)
Parson Maserati (1)
Preti Alfa Maserati (1)
Siata (6)
Sighinolfi (1)
Stanga (2)
Stanguellini (3)

All these marques are covered on this site.

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